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openattic.org's landing page: request for easy to find URL to code repo




      Dear oA team,

      I don't think the tracker has a category for the website, and for filing this ticket so generally I apologize.

      In a nutshell, I strongly believe a link to oA's code repository should be present in either the `Download` or `Getting Involved` sections of the website. In bold. Maybe even flashing. Who knows, some cats nearby. Something that is visible and catches one's attention.

      So far, the only way I found to figure out where the repository is located, was going through `Getting Involved`, scrolling all the way down to `Contribute Code or Patches`, and then clicking on `setting up a development system` or `contributing code to openATTIC`.

      Then, the first will mention one's fork, without exactly giving out the URL to the repository. Maybe it's earlier in the docs, who knows; I'm a tentative user, and I'm not yet going through the docs, I really just want to look at the code, so I certainly have no clue. 

      Nope, I'm checking instead the `Contributing Code to openATTIC`. Maybe there, huh? Yep, eventually, `Create Your own openATTIC git Fork on BitBucket`. This is it! There's a link there. Surely all this hand holding may be nice for a lot of new users, but it was really painful to find this simple URL that should have been in `Getting Involved`. What an adventure! Pheew.

      We should be making it easier for people to contribute!

      Hope this helps.




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